BHR LLC is an NMR Probe research and service company, provides high quality repairing, maintenance and custom modification services with low cost on probes made by major manufacturing companies such as Bruker, Varian, JEOL, GE, Chemagnetics, Caloric and Doty.

NMR Probe Service

Old Probe Repair and Maintenance

  • Retune circuits and repair VT circuits
  • Replace Capacitors and glass dewar
  • Replace RF coils and/or coil forms

Probe Modification Service

  • Sample size modification
  • Tuning range and functionality extend
  • Sensitivity improvement
  • Add Z-gradient coil
  • Modify BB probe to Quad
  • Reduce Background of 19F, 11B and 29SI

NMR Consulting Services

NMR data acquisition and analysis services


New Board of Advisors

          Dr. Jinshan Wang


          Phone: 1-(850)8258-919